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  • Curious About Kurta’s

    Popular for its simplicity, comfort and versatility, a kurta, the popular traditional attire is a favourite amongst many international buyers. Having originated in the Indian subcontinent, the kurta is an upper garment that is available for both men and women. Kurta’s are widely available in a variety of different styles and lengths and they look […]
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  • The Rise of Halal Makeup

    Whether we talk about crazy contour techniques, a glow strong enough to blind passers-by or the classic glitter lips, Insta famous make-up trends continue to take the world by storm! Women and men from different cultural backgrounds and famous beauty bloggers are enjoying the limelight with modelesque make-up looks. Along with makeup, there is a […]
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  • Modest Fashion On Trend

    Modest wear or Modest fashion, the Islamic sense of fashion is trending.  A recent report by the State of the Global Islamic Economy has forecast the lavish Muslim fashion market to be worth a whopping £226 billion by the year 2020.  Therefore, it is no wonder that the rest of the fashion world is following […]
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  • The High & Lows of Desi Shopping IMO

    Hi ! I’m Kuljit and I am the founder of Desi High Street and I would like to welcome you to this the Desi High Street blog. I’m excited to share that we  have a whole host of guest bloggers lined up to share their amazing blog and vlog posts with you.  But I felt that I […]
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